Emanuel               23 feb 1801 - 14 Apr 1863
                                                                                             married 31 Mar 1826

               Mary SQUIRE         
dec1801 -30 July 1870


                           UNDERDOWN Emanuel,
Mary nee SQUIRE, John Squire, Maria Angola,
                           Lycurgus arrived 1838-12-01 on Lloyds from London [sources 1,2,7,10,18]

                           children of Emanuel and Mary were


1834                   Lycurgus  born Northleigh Cottage, Devon England
7 Aug 1858        married Jane O'Neil in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia
13 Nov 1871      Jane died At Melrose, S Aust ref FRO b 44 p229
12 Aug 1872      2nd married Diana Spring Rowney
6 May 1915       Diana died at Prospect, Sth Aust ref ADE b392 p 427
17 Mar 1893      Lycurgus died at Oodnadatta Sth Aust ref FRO b210 p 478

8 June 1827       *John Squire born Hamberhayne Farm, Colyton, Devon, England
8 Nov 2853        married Jane Herring (born 1834 Altarnum, Cornwall, England) 
                           at St Georges C of E Gawler, South Australia
12 Apr 1878       he died at Peachey Belt, S Aust ref PIG sym S b87 p 19
22 July 1898      Jane died at Marion, Sth Aust ref ADE b253 p472

19 June 1929     Maria Angola born Northleigh, Devon, England
7 July 1853        married William Robert Ewens  at Trinity Church, Adelaide, S Aust
                           ref Ade b15 p157
8 Jan 1862         Maria died in Adelaide, Sth Aust
18 May 1873     Robert died Kingston SE South Australia, ref Rob b 52 p 291