INLAWS and OUTLAWS


                                     From a Family Tree Scroll which was discovered in a Car Boot Sale in 2007.
                            ............from the scroll and what I have since found - died - means died infant.    

From 'Burkes Genealogy & Heraldic......."

The ancient family of Carne, of Nash, is deduced in a direct and unbroken line from Ynyr, King of Gwent, who ?his brother Ithel, slain 846.
His great great grandson, Thomas O'R Carne, son of Iddyn, King of Gwent, was brought up at Pencarne, whence he was named


As far as I have been able to ascertain from records available - the Carne line is as follows:-

Iddyn, King of Gwent had
Thomas o'r Garne, named Carne (as above)
his son was Sir Devereux Carne, Knight
he had an 'unknown son'
who had an 'unknown son' who was the father of
William Carne.   William married Margaret ap Justin and had
Sir John Carne, Knight, Lord of Nether Gwent who married Joan Moore
their son Thomas Carne, Esq. married Mabel ap Jorwith and had
John Carne who married Elizabeth Poyntz and had
Howel Carne of Cowbridge, Glamorgan, Wales who married Tibbet Giles
their son was John Carne of Nash who married Isabel Jenkin

we then come to                                   

                    Carne, Howell                  died before 1546 - wife Cecil Kemeys, then listed as widow

                         Carne, John, c1500's       married Margaret Ragland

                    Carne, Thomas c 1630    MARY  Carne married *Edward POWELL

               Carne, Edward d 1713     Married Grace Matthew

               Carne, John                      1st son of Edward (d 1713) Married Elizabeth Loder

               Carne, Charles Loder      3rd son Married widow Elizabeth Davies

               Carne, John W N 1816     Married Mary Jane Brackner

               Carne, John D, c1854        Married Alice Annie Austin